The Colorado Parent Mentoring (CPM) Program is a three-year research study that is developing a novel support system for families of children newly diagnosed with autism. The CPM program provides support for parents of newly diagnosed children with autism (ages 2-8) by pairing them with a parent mentor. Mentors are parents of a child with autism who have had several years to process the experience and learn to navigate the systems of care in Colorado. The mentor provides emotional support while experts provide individualized information to assist families in understanding resources available to them. The goal is to improve family well-being and increase timely access to care.


Families eligible to receive mentoring must have a child ages 2-8 newly diagnosed (within 3 months) at JFK Partners or the Child Development Unit at Children’s Hospital Colorado.

If you are interested in enrollment information or if you are interested in becoming a mentor,         please contact:

Kristen Kaiser